Power Percussion is an Ohio-based percussion company that strives to create versatile, sleek, and industrious design solutions for the modern percussionist.

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The feel and response from both sides is something a marching & drumset player can benefit from. The best part about this is the ability to feel a true rep of practicing on the softer side and getting a great wrist and power workout in. This is the side I found most beneficial. Loved the idea of the pad being a clean cut style all black look. This is a great product for any & every type of performer

Arturo Saucedo III, CEO of @destroyadrum (Drum Set Pad)

I really enjoy the simplicity of the pad, love that it’s just black/no logos. I also like that it doesn’t have a rim or anything so it’s not bulky or heavy which makes it a great travel pad. I love the feel of both sides especially the low rebound one for building chops

Brandon Zackey, Vic firth and Zildjian Artist, Drummer for Enterprise Earth and Sicarius (Drum Set Pad)

It stays on your lap, and it sticks on your lap so it's very portable. Sounds great too! It has plenty of room, even two people could play it

Dorothea Taylor, Drumeo Coach and Paiste Artist (Snare Drum Pad)

The laminate gives a very similar feel to a kevlar snare drum head, and the rubber rim helps to still give that distinctive shot feel while saving your ears and your sticks from damage

Logan, RCC Fall 19-20, VDBC 20 (Snare Drum Pad)