About Us

We strive to create useful and innovative products for the percussion community. After the launch of our company, we quickly accelerated our product lines into what they are today. With each step of this process, we have only had one goal in mind: creating the perfect tools for all percussionists to get better. In pursuance of this goal, we consistently strive to improve our products. As we grow, our products develop in both quality of sound and quality of appearance. This is the nature of innovation and creativity. However, we take pride in all of our creations and are extremely proud of every product that we ship out. Our handmade products are crafted with care, and that tradition will carry on. While we do our absolute best to create consistently perfect pads, it is important to realize that every product is handmade. We value the work ethic behind each of our creations. We take pride in every single pad, and we truly view each product that we make as an investment in the lives of percussionists. Every individual who purchases our products is one more individual who may travel down the road of progress. This stands true for any pad, and any company. Our pads are not magic, but we value each individual's ability of choice as a consumer. These are the reasons that we do what we do. Every purchase includes 100% of our work ethic to make a perfect pad. This is something that we will forever embrace, and will not shy away from sharing. We have been extremely grateful for all of the opportunities that the marching community has given us, and are constantly searching to be able to give these back to others. If there are ever any questions, concerns, or comments about us or our products, feel free to reach us to info@powerpercussionpads.com.