When ordering, please keep in mind that all devices and screens are different. Due to this fact, some colors or designs may not be consistent across all systems. We always advise you to use your best judgement when placing an order. Also, please check items that are added to your cart prior to finalizing your order. Thank you for your understanding!
Q: Where can I learn more information about a specific product?
Each of our products has a dedicated information page detailing its highlights and specifications. Please refer to these pages in order to learn more information about all of our various products.


Q: What do your laminated products feel like, and how do they compare to other companies?
All of our products are created with a quality and firm recycled rubber provided by Beetle Percussion. This provides tremendous rebound through all dynamic ranges. But because of our .010" thick laminate, our laminated products provide extreme clarity. This pad would be most similar to a laminated Offworld pad, or a laminated Xymox pad without snares. However, our laminated products feature our removable and replaceable custom laminate.


Q: How do your products hold up against wear-and-tear? 
Our products are designed to withstand all normal wear-and-tear, and are designed to be perfectly solid under normal circumstances. Please avoid extreme heat, cold, or water contact with all designs in order to maintain healthy conditions for our products. Please do not attempt to deconstruct any part of our products.


Q: How do I clean my laminate?
After long periods of playing, laminates may appear to rub off color onto the tips of certain drum sticks and can potentially smear onto the playing surface. If this happens, please take a non-aggressive solution, such as water, and lightly apply it to a rag. Proceed to wipe the tips of the affected drum sticks, as well as the affected laminate. Carefully wipe the drum sticks and laminate dry.  Please use any solution sparingly to ensure that our products suffer no damage.


Q: How long will it take to receive my order?
Our products are created at the time of order, so there is a minor processing period prior to shipping an order. Please be patient, and recognize that your package should arrive within the next three to four weeks. All processing and shipping times have the ability to change based on the volume of of orders. However, since our creation, we have never taken beyond four weeks to fulfill an order. If your package has not arrived within four weeks of your order confirmation, please reach out to us at info@powerpercussionpads.com.