Our Materials

We are a proud #beetlepartner, and we seek to source our product materials in an sustainable and ethical manner. This has led us to the adoption of a new and innovative material, Valchromat. Valchromat is a tree-based product that combines the natural features of wood with the option of color. The added value of Valchromat comes not only from color, but also from its distinctive composition and manufacturing process. It is a wood fiber panel colored throughout, where fibers are colored individually, impregnated with organic dyes, and bonded together by a special resin that gives Valchromat unique physical and mechanical features. Valchromat is ethically sourced, manufactured without waste, and created through a self-sufficiency of thermal energy. We use Valchromat for the base material of all of our products. For the playing surfaces of our products, we utilize recycled car tire rubber provided by Beetle Percussion. Also, all of our products are finished with an Osmo Polyx-Oil from Europe, which is a berry-green natural product. We are, and always will be, committed to reducing our carbon footprint.